15 Most Disappointing Films Of The Decade (So Far)

Hey, that looks cool... Oh.

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The real enemy of cinema isn't rising ticket prices. Or 3D. Or Michael Bay. No, the real enemy of cinema is hype.

Every major release comes accompanied with impossible levels of excitement, partially fuelled by marketing departments, but increasingly instigated by fans. And while it's a lot of fun working through every trailer frame-by-frame looking for that one Easter egg that explains the plot or spending hours and hours debating a movie that isn't out for another year, at the end of the day, getting this worked up about upcoming movies is really only allowing expectations to balloon and setting you up for disappointment.

J.J. Abrams could deliver the best film in the series, but when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits in December there's no way that many fans won't feel let down purely because of the intoxicating anticipation over the past couple of years. Conversely, part of the joy the brilliant Mad Max: Fury Road is that it came somewhat out of nowhere; muted expectations for a reboot of franchise that's been dead for three decades made it that much more enjoyable when it turned out awesome.

Movies can burn through the hype, of course, but for every hit there's several that fall flat. As a reminder of past upsets, here are the fifteen films from the past decade that let us down the most. These aren't the worst movies of the decade (although some are pretty bad), or even those that are overrated (that's been done), but the ones that, for whatever reason, had you leaving the cinema with that horrible feeling of disappointment in the pit of your stomach.


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