15 Most Disturbing Sci-Fi Movies

14. CUBE

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If you’ve already seen Event Horizon and you’re wondering, what else is like that, Cube is the first place you need to look. Cube is a masterclass of making a lot out of very little. It uses a single set where it manages to stage a disturbing journey through a cruel prison maze.

Like in Event Horizon, the threat is linked to the environment, but quickly draws in to be a claustrophobic nightmare where the real threat comes from the characters themselves.

The gore is dialed up to eleven and the longer you are trapped with the characters in the relentlessly confined space, the more desperate you feel. Like the characters, the captive audience never escapes. We sweat and scream with them, as one by one, the faceless, unstoppable force of the Cube eviscerates its captives.

The senseless brutality of it frays the nerves, then twists their raw ends. And, if you like that sort of thing you can have it in Cube 2: Hypercube and Cube Zero.

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