15 Most Offensive Movie Characters

Racism, sexism and crushed fanboy dreams...

Though it sometimes feels like there's a Tumblr blog ready-made to cry foul about every major movie released these days, sometimes the outrage is completely justified and, for one reason or another, these movies boasted at least one character that's just wildly offensive. This can manifest in myriad ways: sometimes it's a female character who feels about a century behind the times, a cringe-worthy racial stereotype, or perhaps it's a character so annoying or so indifferent to the source material's version. Whether the rage comes from feminists, people of colour, comic book fanboys, or just fans of good cinema, these 15 characters are rightly loathed by a huge chunk of moviegoers. Movie Screenwriting 101: if you can avoid creating characters as repellent, obnoxious and offensive as this, then you're off to a good start. Proof that even the most expensive Hollywood blockbusters can let some highly questionable material slip through the net...

15. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) - Twilight

The Character: The protagonist of the Twilight franchise, a high schooler who meets and falls in love with the vampiric Edward (Robert Pattinson), changing the course of her life forever more. Why She's Offensive: Bella Swan is a painfully anti-feminist character, which is especially offensive because the character and her actions are of course being looked up to by millions of impressionable young women, who may accept the way she's treated and behaves to be the acceptable norm. Her primary offenses include dropping everything for Edward, moping endlessly when he leaves in New Moon, showing enormous emotional indecisiveness by getting involved with werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner), and then eventually marrying the creepy douche Edward and bearing his child. Bella hasn't got any agency of her own and basically her entire arc over the course of the five movies revolves around two men, one of whom nearly gets her killed about, oh, a dozen times. Does She Ruin The Movie?: Pretty much. The Twilight movies are already extremely low-effort fluff, but without a likable or relatable protagonist, did they ever really have a chance?

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