15 Movie Moments That Made Your Testicles Wither

These moments make a good argument for voluntary castration.

Getting hit in the nuts is a timeless occurrence. It happens a lot in cartoons, and was a prevalent act among our buddies in middle-school and beyond. Still, watching a "nut shot" on celluloid is probably no longer the hilarious act we once thought it to be, and filmmakers must continually invent new and creative ways to allow us to experience that dropping feeling in our stomachs and loins. As we've matured, of course, we have come to recognize that a shot to the manhood can be not only literal and physical but metaphorical and emotional as well. That being said, this list isn't so much about moments in film that depict glorious crushings of our stick and stones - instead, it's about those moments that really made us feel it in our loins, and possibly our hearts, too... who knew there was such a connection between the two, huh? It would be too easy to go for the simple ball smacks glimpsed in films like Caddyshack, Home Alone or Dumb & Dumber. Here, we up the ante and look back at 15 Movie Moments That Made Your Testicles Wither that you might not have thought about for a good while, starting with...

15. Knife Fight - Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

For pure simplicity, satisfaction and overall wince factor, you won't find a better shot to the fruit bowl than in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid. In the scene, Butch is facing a mutiny from members within his gang and is challenged to a knife fight for control. Butch cleverly distracts the awaiting combatant by announcing rules to the fight and quickly sets the record straight with a text book punt to the pubes. I think this is where they got the term: "A swift kick to the groin."

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