15 Movie Moments That Pissed Off Fans Most In 2018

Star-Lord, you IDIOT!

Avengers Infinity War Star Lord Thanos
Marvel Studios

As much as 2018 was a year full of iconic and unforgettable movie moments that left audiences on a chest-thumping high, it was also rife with scenes that seemed intended simply to annoy the most passionate fans.

These 15 movies, a diverse mix of incredible blockbusters which lived up to immense hype and inexplicable busts which left most disappointed, all featured moments that left fans completely frustrated and infuriated.

From shallow, logically questionably fan service to unnecessary death scenes, awful musical choices and a certain plot twist that makes no sense whatsoever, these moments were the major talking points coming away from some of 2018's most anticipated tentpole films.

From mild irritations in the grand scheme of things to movie-defining screw-ups, each is sure to inspire debate for the foreseeable future, regardless of whether they were intentional acts of agitation or ill-advised creative oversights.

These are the 15 movie moments of 2018 which most likely had you preparing to launch your popcorn at the screen in protest...


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