15 Movie Sequels That Better Happen In 2016

"You sons of b****es are going to medical school!"

Movie sequels make the world go round as far as Hollywood is concerned, and though this can result in agonisingly redundant follow-ups soullessly churned out for financial gain and zero artistic intent, there are also a ton of much-anticipated movies that we'd like to see release or at least in-production by the end of 2016. Now, this list doesn't cover sequels which already have defined release dates (sorry, folks, The Raid 2 won't be with us for a few years yet) nor films that are for all intents and purposes dead (Tron 3) or hilariously unrealistic (M. Night Shyamalan will be too busy in 2016 to even consider Unbreakable 2). Instead, we're looking at 15 curious sequels everyone wants to see that could theoretically enter production next year, from follow-ups to recent smash hits to nostalgic returns to classic series which haven't had a new entry in decades. Whether these films will actually be any good is a whole other argument entirely, but we're sure excited to see what's going to be cooked up...

15. Kingsman 2

The Original: This year's adaptation of Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar's classic graphic novel was not only a critical hit but director Matthew Vaughn's most financially successful film to date. With a superb cast (including Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Mark Hamill, Samuel L. Jackson, and Mark Strong) and Vaughn's characteristically over-the-top action thrills, this one was a very welcome rebuttal to the glut of generic, post-Bond spy flicks. The Sequel: A sequel was discussed before Kingsman had even hit cinemas, with one major plot-point being the possible return of Firth's Harry Hart despite the fact he dies mid-way through the first film. Vaughn is writing the script and may return to direct, with an April 2016 start date tentatively penciled in for shooting. How Likely Is It?: If Vaughn can't get the script in shape or Taron Egerton's schedule isn't free, it could easy get pushed out of next year, which would be a crying shame. Strike while the iron is hot, damnit! Still, it should be before cameras sometime in 2016, short of a disaster. 8/10

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