15 Movies That Thought They Were Smart But Totally Weren't

Show some self-awareness, please!

Warner Bros.

When it comes to annoying things in movies, there really aren't many things more infuriating than a movie which thinks it's really clever when it actually isn't as smart as all that. That kind of thing really is enough to throw even the most patient viewer into a full-on all caps rage.

Of course, the genre which is most associated with this problem is art-house cinema and while there are a fair few independent/art-house films which have this problem (you'll see a few very shortly), they're certainly not the only type of movie this issue applies to.

Many genre flicks, Oscar-Bait movies and Hollywood blockbusters fall into this trap too. Many such films completely mishandle their themes and social commentary, while others (usually big-budget blockbusters) deliver supposedly twisty and subversive plots which actually don't make the slightest bit of sense.

The issue of a movie thinking it's smarter than it actually is has been a major downside to many a movie and these following fifteen films are particularly annoying examples of that. Not all of them are bad movies, but with all of them a bit more self-awareness would've gone down a treat...


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