15 Movies You Thought Were Doomed (But Weren't)

Flop denied.

Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

Filmmaking sure ain't a picnic, and getting even an atrocious film finished requires a Herculean amount of effort on the part of the cast and crew.

The history of Hollywood is littered with examples of epic, ambitious productions that failed (Heaven's Gate, Dune), as well as troubled shoots that miraculously delivered terrific results (Apocalypse Now, Back to the Future), proving just how fickle the nature of success truly is.

Though there are countless productions that seemed troubled from an early stage and never recovered - The Hobbit trilogy, The Lone Ranger and 2015's Fantastic Four reboot to name a few - far more intriguing are those seemingly doomed-to-fail movies that somehow turned out surprisingly solid.

These 15 movies, each of them beset by significant production issues alongside a wave of negativity online, were nevertheless able to thumb their noses at all the haters with the critical and/or commercial success that followed.

It's easy to see why people were so down on these movies ahead of release, but they're proof perfect that rumours of a rocky production shouldn't always sour you on an upcoming release...


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