15 Movies You Won’t Believe Are 10 Years Old

Juno's baby is almost ready for high-school.

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Just as surely as Michael Bay ruins childhoods and Hollywood recycles every good movie that makes a head-turning amount of money, time marches us all towards the grave. Along the way you'll make friends and establish distracting loves for films, people and objects, but eventually as you start to make unintended noises when you bend over, you'll begin to notice that all of those things you thought fresh and full of life are as aged and dusty as you.

Films have a way of defying the crumbling touch of time though, particularly in the modern era as the age of good visual effects has been established for quite some time already. With that in mind, it's horribly easy to catch sight of something you can vividly remember headlining your local multiplex listed among movies that someone came out 10 years ago.

Sure, that might be heralded as some as vindication of the quality of those films, and some might even take that as a back-handed compliment to their own taste, but it's hard not to feel immediately ancient. And nobody wants to be reminded that they are no more than an insignificant fart on the wind in the history of the universe. Melodramatic? Who cares.

The worst of it is that in about 10 years time, some of these films will already have been remade. Prepare to feel all too acutely aware of your own mortality...

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