15 Outrageous Deadpool Jokes That Really Push The Boundaries

Near-the-knuckle rib-ticklers from The Merc With The Mouth...

Imagine a world where any film studio was dragging their boots over adapting Deadpool as he deserved. Where his outrageousness was classed as "not financially viable", and where his R-rated spirit was a point of contention. Now look at the box office results of the new film and laugh in Fox's silly face. It's with good reason that Deadpool is frequently referred to as The Merc With A Mouth. He€™s got more quips up his lycra sleeves than Peter Parker, Tony Stark and all other comic book comedians put together. As well as his often side-splitting dialogue, the loveable assassin is of course also known to narrate his own stories from three different perspectives, with each distinct voice representing a different side of his incredibly fractured personality. This opens up the door for comedy that lampoons the events of the issue, the characters around him, and even the format of the comic book itself. As one of the few characters allowed to break the fourth wall, Deadpool can wrangle a laugh from any situation. Also, his unique set of interests €“ Mexican food, annoying superheroes, lusting over every available female, and murdering a LOT of people €“ means that Deadpool€™s comic material touches upon areas that other characters wouldn€™t be allowed to go near. Indeed, Deadpool isn€™t known for his restraint: no topic is taboo, no dark thought is unmentionable and no outrageous punch line is off-limits to The Merc With A Mouth. As this catalogue of his darkest jokes should easily prove...
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