15 PERFECT Scenes In Otherwise Disappointing Movies

At least Jurassic Park 2 wasn't ALL bad...

The Lost World Sarah
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Film history is absolutely full of amazing movie moments and many of these, such as Psycho's shower scene or the baptism scene from The Godfather, are impossible to forget. Generally, awesome film scenes come from already great movies, but sometimes they come from other, more unexpected places.

Sometimes, during a disappointing film all of the film's elements that hadn't been working at all suddenly come together in the best possible way to deliver a genuinely brilliant movie scene.

Sure, usually the film will go back down to its previous level of quality immediately after but nevertheless it is insanely satisfying when this happens, since it provides some pleasantly surprising relief in the middle of an otherwise disappointing viewing experience. None of these following 15 movies are much good, but at least there's something within them you'll remember fondly...

15. Scary Movie 4 - United Nations

The Lost World Sarah

Spoof movies are usually terrible and films like The Naked Gun Trilogy, Airplane! and the first and third instalments of the Scary Movie franchise are ultra-rarities.

As one would expect, this ridiculously silly fourth Scary Movie is another dud and it spoofs War of the Worlds, The Grudge, Saw and The Village with little success.

As such, it's a delightful surprise when the film delivers a genuinely hysterical scene in its second half. In this scene, the bizarre American President, played by the late, great Leslie Nielsen, gives a talk to the United Nations about the unfolding alien invasion.

First, he tells racist jokes instead of actually discussing the invasion and then, while displaying an alien gun he hopes can be used against the aliens, he ends up rendering himself and everyone else in the room nude.

Sure, it's very silly, but it was, for once, really funny and displays by far the best comedic writing in the film, while Leslie Nielsen, with his hilariously deadpan performance, proves he never lost any of his comedic genius with age. His ability to deliver hilariously silly lines with a completely straight face remains unparalleled.


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