15 Popular Movies Which Were Notoriously Difficult To Produce

Blood, sweat and tears went into making these films. Literally.

Titanic production
20th Century Fox

The power of editing really goes a long way. For the following films, the cinematography is tremendous, the storytelling is brilliant and the acting is superb, which is why you’d never know that all of them were presented with an uncountable amount of issues during production.

The industry of filmmaking is a tough business and it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. Maybe the director goes too far with their authority, perhaps a stunt doesn't pan out quite right or sometimes cast and crew members just simply can’t get along. Unfortunately, all of these problems came together all at once for the following pictures.

But in some ways, it helps to build an appreciation for your favourite movies because of how much serious effort went into them. It's unlikely that modern films today would run into the same amount of problems because editing equipment has advanced and there is a greater reliance on computer technology.

These are the cinematic masterpieces which had to go the extra mile to entertain us.

15. The Birds (1963)

Titanic production
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Alfred Hitchcock didn't hold back with his 1963 thriller as the director used real-life birds for many of the attack scenes. For the living beings, Hitchcock had certain methods of getting them to act out, such as feeding them whisky. It worked a bit too well sometimes - apparently, one bird took offence to actor Rod Taylor and would always attack him personally, even when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Absolutely nobody had it worse than Tippi Hedren. The actress has recounted many traumatic memories with the director, including allegations of sexual assault and being put through inhumane conditions.

The final attack scene in the bedroom took one whole week to film and scarred the actress, both physically and mentally. The climax involved various species of birds, from ravens to pigeons, being thrown at Hedren. She only agreed to this under the condition that the birds were all mechanical but was told at the last minute real ones were being used for the stunt. Tippi was left bruised, cut and finally had enough when a bird pecked too close to her eye. She was hospitalised and Hitchcock reluctantly let her rest for a week.

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