15 Potential Plot Twists That Could Ruin Upcoming Movies

It'd be plain stupid if Christoph Waltz wasn't Blofeld.

It's been said time and time again that 2015 is the most fanboy-friendly year in the history of cinema, what with so many beloved movie series getting new entries, reboots, quasi-reboots and everything in-between, and frankly 2016 and beyond isn't looking too shabby either. With so many huge movies due for release, though, there's a good chance directors are going to try and slip a few sneaky plot twists by fans, and though the results could be joyous, they could equally fall painfully, horrifically flat. There's nothing worse than a pointless, nonsensical plot twist in a movie you were previously enjoying, and these 15 films, though typically full of promise, could easily succumb to the filmmakers' misguided desires to surprise viewers, trumping actual narrative logic in the process. Beloved, franchise-defining characters may die, other characters may reveal their unsavoury true colours, and plots may not unfold in remotely the fashion which fans both expect and want. In a desire to reinvent some upcoming franchises, those in charge may fly too close to the sun and risk alienating the fan-base entirely. As for original movies, with M. Night Shyamalan continuing to get work in Hollywood, nobody is safe from a dumb twist. Without any further ado, here are 15 potential plot twists that could ruin upcoming movies...


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