15 Predictions For Next Summer's Biggest Movies

Star-Lord makes the mega-bucks.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
Marvel Studios

2016's summer movie season may have only just come to an end, but given how disappointing it was on the whole, you might already be hoping to forget most of it and look on to the future.

Thankfully next summer's blockbuster slate will be here before you know it, with two new entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside a ton of anticipated sequels...and some decidedly less so.

Whether these movies end up sucking or not, it's time to make some box office and critical predictions, as well as take a few spoilerific guesses at some potential plot twists and surprises in store along the way. What movie will "win" the summer? What will bomb? And what will be next summer's equivalent of Nine Lives?

Good or bad, it's going to be another interesting summer at the cinema, though hopefully won't turn out as many critical and commercial busts as the last few months have.

Here are 15 predictions for next summer's biggest movies...

15. Wonder Woman Is The DCEU's First Critically Fresh Film

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
Warner Bros.

The Prediction: After getting off to a rickety start with Man of Steel and following up with two critical duds in Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, the DC Extended Universe discovers that the fourth time's the charm, as Wonder Woman becomes the first movie in the series to scoop more than 60% critical approval. It probably won't creep much higher than that threshold, but it'll certainly do.

Why It Might Not Happen: Considering that three movies in they haven't hit their stride yet, the odds aren't in Wonder Woman's favour, especially as the movie was finished shooting before BvS and Suicide Squad even hit cinemas and the major editorial issues at Warner Bros. became known.

Though Warner's execs could cool off on the executive meddling as the movie still has 9 months until release, it's possible the damage has already been done.


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