15 Recent Movies We're Not Surprised Sucked

The writing was on the wall for these ones...

Pinocchio 2022

Pre-release expectations exist on a huge spectrum. Some movies, such as Free Guy or Top Gun: Maverick, didn't look like much but were so much better than you expected. Others, such as The Batman or Dune, always looked awesome and delivered accordingly.

On the more depressing end of that scale, you've got the films which looked awesome but ended up being big disappointments, such as... well, most of the recent MCU films. And then, you've got movies like these following 15, where we always knew they were going to suck. Like, come on.

The reasons vary from film to film, but whether it was thanks to bad marketing, poor franchise track records, iffy concepts or a troubled production, it was no surprise that these movies underwhelmed.

They sure as hell weren't pleasant to watch, but at least we had a good idea of what was coming. For those unfortunate enough to see any of these movies, that made the viewing experience just that tiny bit more bearable...

15. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore

Pinocchio 2022
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Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, the latest in the (currently) troubled Wizarding World franchise, was not a film anyone was particularly looking forward to.

There's just been a real air of negativity hanging over the Fantastic Beasts movies and that's not only because several people linked with the franchise are currently embroiled in controversy.

From the word 'Go', the whole Fantastic Beasts series has felt like a lazy cash-grab for, while the first Fantastic Beasts film is pretty good, what felt like a standalone picture getting four sequels was extremely hard to justify.

And sure enough, this sentiment was very much confirmed when the painfully awful Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald arrived in 2018 and, with this one's troubled production (including the much-publicized firing of Johnny Depp) and all those bland trailers, it was hard to expect anything more than another disappointment.

To be fair to the movie, it wasn't nearly as bad as the previous film but it was still a depressingly mediocre and messily written affair that, more than anything else, was just a bit boring. It's certainly a far cry from the past greatness of this IP.

Considering that Harry Potter fans had also faced the disappointment of not only Fantastic Beasts 2 but also the Cursed Child stage play - a messily written affair that serves as a poor continuation of the original series - it's a real shame this wasn't better. But hey, at least they were braced for another disappointment.

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