15 Star Trek Actors Who Died In 2019

Gone but not forgotten.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Odo
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Star Trek is a pop-culture phenomenon virtually unmatched in its magnitude, and across both 13 movies and seven major TV shows spanning more than five decades, literally thousands of actors have lent their talents to this gigantic sci-fi tapestry.

The inevitable truth with so many people coming and going over so many years, of course, is that rarely more than a few weeks go by without a recognisable name or face passing away, and 2019 was an especially tough year for Trek fans.

Over the last 12 months, the Star Trek family lost a number of actors responsible for some of the most iconic and beloved characters in the series' history, not to mention character actors and before-they-were-famous industry legends who stopped by for memorable one-off appearances.

Star Trek has offered up many unforgettable ruminations on the meaning of death over the decades, but it hurts no less knowing that so many talented performers are sadly no longer with us...

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