15 Stunning Facts About 2016’s Biggest Movies

This almost happened. Seriously.

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2016 was a wild year in cinema, full of gigantic let-downs and stunning surprises alike, and while it certainly wasn't a banner year for film by any means, it doesn't meant there weren't some awesome stories, tidbits and anecdotes from the year's biggest productions.

From insane behind-the-scenes stories to near-miss casting picks, insane stunts and the unbelievable lengths people go to in order to get into character, the year didn't want for craziness even if only some of it paid off with satisfying end results.

The year's best films and those disappointments alike get a little more interesting with these facts that probably passed you by, and if nothing else, they're fun trivia to pull out during a viewing party, right?

Here are 15 stunning facts about 2016's biggest movies...

15. Deadpool Originally Had An Amy Winehouse Joke

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Various iterations of the Deadpool script have been doing the rounds for years, and one original gag that eventually got cut saw Deadpool and Weasel talking in their bar about Wade's bet on the life of singer Amy Winehouse.

The film then reportedly ended with Winehouse getting splattered by a bus, and Deadpool quipping to the camera, "And you would have thought it would be an overdose."

Of course, this was written before Winehouse's untimely death in 2011 and ditched soon thereafter, because as distasteful as the final movie is, a gag that openly mocked a beloved, troubled entertainer probably would've been a step too mean.

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