15 Things That Almost Ruined The Terminator Franchise

You think Genisys is bad? The franchise has survived a lot worse.

Terminator: Genisys. Has it sunk in yet? The first glimpse of the provocatively wrong, grammatically-backward subtitle was unveiled in a photo posted to Arnold Schwarzenegger€™s Twitter; an innocent snap by the Austrian Oak to commemorate the end of the film€™s shoot caused a wave of uproar across social media. The somewhat inevitable torrent of backlash left many wondering if it was just a working title, slung together by an intern€™s eager finger taps. Surely it must have been...

But a week has now passed since Paramount confirmed the worst. Yes, that IS the title for the studio's fifth instalment in the cyborg franchise. With little information known about the movie, this new mockbuster-esque title is an easy target for trolls. Of course it is, look at it.

The real debate over the film€™s merits should begin once its actually released - you know, when people have had chance to see it - but inevitably, even a year before it hits screens, there€™s already a wealth of expectation riding on it. And that goes doubly when you consider the disappointment of Terminator Salvation back in 2009 despite huge potential. But with such a beloved fanbase, is Terminator: Genisys already doomed to fail? Will it be the final hurrah for Arnie's monotonous killing machine, sending the robotic series careening into the molten steel forever?

If the reaction to the title is anything to go by, the signs aren't good, but then the Terminator has survived a lot over the run of the franchise, and not just in terms of being melted or smushed either. There have been issues with the films that almost stopped the franchise dead, or turned off so many fans that the prospect of advancing was simply ludicrous. And yet here we are, heading into number five, so maybe there's hope yet for the abysmally titled sci-fi actioner...


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