15 Thoroughly Depraved And Sleazy Movies Only Sick People Would Watch

Dniod In my duty to keep you up to date on the sleaziest productions in the film industry - the whole world over - I have produced another list for the sleaze mongers among you to enjoy. I love sleaze mongering and if I can make just one sleaze monger happy, my work is worth it. For this list, I thought I would bring you some of the finest depraved Japanese films to add some zest to the sleaziness. The Japanese are masters of the depraved film and they embrace depravity with open arms - it is just how things are. There are a lot of much stronger Japanese titles out there than the ones I have chosen - but I thought that reviewing All Women Are Whores would provoke outrage. Nevertheless, if want me to do a list on the really sick Japanese stuff, let me know and I will run it past the editors. Dotted among the Japanese filth are some old school depraved favourites. I hope you enjoy my list and comment below...

15. Entrails Of A Virgin (1986)

Entrails Entrails of a Virgin is a good example of the Japanese Pinku (pink) film genre - a broad term that covers a lot of depraved Japanese films whether they be soft core porn or gangster film. A bunch of photographers and models go into a forest for a BDSM, soft core photo shoot. They get down and dirty in the foggy trees and then decide to enter a mysterious house. Much more sex ensues but a monster, covered in mud with a massive penis, appears on the scene and begins knocking the crew off. A depraved little number from Japan, expect blurring of naughty bits and grotesque acts of violence. In fact the sex and violence in the film fill up its whole running time and make a compelling view. You want to look away as a woman has her intestines pulled out of her vagina after masturbating with a severed arm.. but you can't! The mud covered monster is a bit of mystery - what are his origins and why exactly is he here? Nevertheless, he has an absolutely massive schlong which provides plenty of depraved molesting of women. The film is atmospheric and keen to showcase as many depraved sex acts as possible. Well worth your time if you watch J Horror. Well worth your time if you are a random pervert.
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