15 Upcoming Comic Book Movie Villains We Can’t Wait To See

Something wicked this way comes...


While it's definitely true that Hollywood loves a hero, no good guy will ever be as cool as the bad boys and girls who terrorise them. There's just something about a charismatic, dark figure who isn't afraid to break some rules that we all find delightfully irresistible - which is why so many of the best heroes have a touch of the anti-hero about them.

Having said that, thus far, barring a few exceptions, the world of comic book movies has had some difficulties matching up their heroes with villains who could be considered particularly memorable. Sure there have been a couple of Jokers, a Loki and a Magneto here and there, but the failures and disappointments have marred great movies way too frequently. Even the MCU is regularly accused of dialling in the bad guys.

The good news on that front, though, is that there's an awful lot of evil out there and that means plenty of extremely exciting looking villains headed our way in upcoming comic book movies. And there's surely no way that all of them will be as disappointing as Steppenwolf, Doomsday and Apocalypse. Right?

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