15 Upcoming Movies That Are Already Doomed (And Why)

Don't get your hopes up.

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Hollywood is by its nature a fickle industry built on gambles: with the odd exception, they usually don't pay off. Yes, a movie that seems dead-on-arrival can surge to surprising success thanks to the Chinese market, or a sure thing might under-perform due to market over-saturation, but generally it's pretty easy to gauge a movie's ballpark success ahead of time.

These 15 movies are certainly some of the riskier and more dubious projects in production at the moment, sure to have executives sweating over those ever-important opening weekends and Rotten Tomatoes scores.

From an audience perspective, the writing already seems to be on the wall for these films to falter with either critics or general viewers, if not both. From churned-out comic book movies to reboots nobody asked for and films with devastating PR problems, it'd be hugely surprising if any of these films ended up both critical and commercial hits.

Rather, expect most of them to be mediocre at best, and quite probably terrible. Anything less will be a pleasant surprise...

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