15 Ways In Which Pixar Teaches You Everything About Life

12. What Your Identity Means - Helen

20201763 Gif 'Put these on. Your identity is your most valuable possession. Protect it.' €“ Helen, The Incredibles. What it teaches: It is crucial to maintain who you are through every ordeal that you might be confronted with. Your identity matters more than we give it credit for. We must protect it even in the face of predicaments because at the end what matters is not what you do but who you are. Ask Batman.

11. We All Need Somebody - Dory

Finding Dory 'No. No, you can't... STOP. Please don't go away. Please? No one's ever stuck with me for so long before. And if you leave... if you leave... I just, I remember things better with you. I do, look. P. Sherman, forty-two... forty-two... I remember it, I do. It's there, I know it is, because when I look at you, I can feel it. And-and I look at you, and I... and I'm home. Please... I don't want that to go away. I don't want to forget.' €“ Dory, Finding Nemo. What it teaches: No one wants to be left alone. While we might have difficulty in accepting that, loneliness is one of the greatest fears humans have as social animals. It is essential to hold onto people, even if that entails admitting your fear of being left alone. We are at our best when with someone else €“ someone we trust and love.

10. Making Sacrifices - Woody

Wb 'I can't stop Andy from growing up. But I wouldn't miss it for the world.' €“ Woody, Toy Story 2. What it teaches: Coming from a mostly inanimate wooden cowboy, this teaches a fundamental lesson in acceptance. Through two lines, Woody tells us - as he realizes himself €“ that the world comprises of inevitabilities that we must reconcile ourselves of. There are things that we can do absolutely nothing about and the only way to overcome this handicap is by accepting and making the most of it.

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