15 Worst Performances In 2016 Films (So Far)

No prizes for guessing that Adam Sandler makes the list, but who else has stunk up 2016 so far?

Worst Performances 2016

A fascinating year in film in prospect, 2016 has been an unequivocal disappointment thus far. Highly anticipated tentpole projects The Jungle Book and Captain America: Civil War hit the mark, Disney delivered with Finding Dory and Zootopia, and the Coen brothers reminded us why they are revered by so many with Hail, Caesar!, though for every great movie there has been a handful of terrible ones.

While the overall quality of a film is of course intrinsically linked with the ability of the actors involved, a bad movie isn't always born of a bad performance, and we've seen a few instances of this already this year. Kevin Costner and a talented cast did their utmost to save formulaic thriller Criminal and Chloƫ Grace Moretz still managed to be watchable while swimming against the tide in supposed franchise starter The 5th Wave, though a good number of their peers have failed to conduct themselves with the same level of dignity.

The early part of the year is traditionally seen as a dumping ground for genre films, teen movies and projects that had poorer than expected test screenings, though the so-called dump months seem to have been extended beyond January and February in 2016.

March, April and May had precious little to get excited about in terms of memorable performances, and most of the movies reserved for the prime time summer slots have been littered with B-movie standard acting.

From rising stars making bad missteps to industry legends throwing in the towel, here are the 15 worst performances in 2016 films so far...


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