15 Worst Superhero Movie Moments Since 2000

Never forget "Martha!"

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The 2000s and 2010s will be remembered as the time that superhero movies dominated the movie industry, but is this a good thing?

Well... yes and no. On one hand, there have been plenty of fantastic superhero movies released over the last twenty years. On the other hand, due to the sheer number of superhero flicks that have been released, it's safe to say a lot of people are a bit sick of superhero films at this point and the genre is frankly starting to feel a bit stale.

Worse still, since studios are now rushing so many different superhero films out of the gate (and often butchering them in post-production edits too), there have been plenty of stinkers as well as many superhero movie moments fans would just prefer to forget.

From terrible bits of writing to badly-done action scenes, these are the superhero movie moments since 2000 that really made you wish studios would just stop with the superhero movie craze altogether...


15. Man Of Steel: Superman Kills Thousands Of People

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Man of Steel was a very mixed bag of great visuals and atmosphere but poor writing and disappointing spectacle. The film's action sequences largely consisted of over-powered characters throwing each other through walls and even shortly after viewing it's difficult to remember anything about the film given that it was so repetitive and so empty.

In Man of Steel's painfully over-the-top finale, Superman and General Zod fight in Metropolis and throw each other through building after building... and literally destroy most of the city. In other words, Superman killed thousands of innocent people, which is pretty uncomfortable.

As well as this disturbing element, this entire finale is nothing but a tension-free exercise in CGI destruction and a reminder that making a set-piece bigger doesn't make it better.


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