16 Great Recent Movies The Oscars Outrageously Snubbed



Let's face it: we are all way, way too mean about the Oscars. The thing is, the Oscars do not represent an objective truth; they are just the opinions of a group of people. That's what these types of awards ceremonies are and the Oscars happen to be the most high-profile of them.

We really shouldn't take the Oscars so seriously and instead think of them as a spectacle, like the movies they are supposed to be celebrating.

Like all great spectacles, the Oscars have their ups and down and their rights and wrongs. In fact, a big part of why so many people are so fascinated by the Oscars - or enjoy bashing them so much - is because of all the terrible decisions.

Admit it: without all the controversies the Oscars wouldn't be nearly as much fun to watch. Snubs and bad decisions are part of the Academy's DNA and they are part of what makes awards season so compelling, but that doesn't make it any easier to take when films that really ought to pick up wins are snubbed.

Then again, what would we all rant about if everything went as planned?

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