16 Hilarious Amazon Reviews Of 2018's Oscar Movies

The year's best films, as told by the Internet's weirdest community.

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Every year the best minds and most knowledgeable film afficionados in the industry come together to run their assessment on the biggest and most critically acclaimed movies of the year, adding their stamp of approval and generally shaping how fans see the year's slate of films.

The Oscars happen as well, but it's these brave souls who rush to Amazon to give their knee-jerk reactions to movies and furiously bash out reviews as insightful as "don't waste your time" and "my son didn't like this" as the directors and stars wait eagerly to see what they think. Okay, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but there's nothing quite like seeing what the Amazon community think of the movies everyone else thinks were the best of the year.

Inevitably, they're often the releases with the most 5 star reviews, but if you dig a little deeper, you'll always find outraged individuals who stand apart, determined that their 1 star review should be listened to more. Because someone is DEFINITELY paying for all the positive ones. Probably.

So, how did the colourful circus known as the Amazon review community see this year's crop of Oscar nominees...


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