17 Actors Who Almost Played Iconic Tarantino Characters

The path of the righteous actor.

For any actor, the chance to star in that of a Quentin Tarantino movie is the cinematic equivalent of striking gold. The writer/director, who shot to fame as the genius behind crime flick Reservoir Dogs in the early '90s, is renowed for his ability to conjure up incredibly meaty and memorable characters, gifting actors with the opportunity to get their teeth into some of the best dialogue cues this side of a David Mamet play. As a result, competition for said roles is always fierce, with everybody in Hollywood attempting to get involved. After all, Tarantino has created some of the best cinematic characters of all-time - characters that have worked their way into the public consciousness for being undeniably badass, evil, hilarious or just plain weird. Even the tiniest Tarantino character can create a huge, lasting impression, thanks to his ability to inject a movie's supporting players with as much personality as the much bigger ones. Like Woody Allen before him, everybody wants to work with Quentin Tarantino - and it's really not all that hard to see why. The actors who were lucky enough to nab parts in Tarantino films have become famous for doing so - but what if they hadn't been? What if another actor had ended up taking on the role instead? Join us, then, as we take a look at 17 Actors Who Almost Played Iconic Tarantino Characters to celebrate Pulp Fiction's 20th anniversary this week. How many of these castings were you aware of? And would they have worked?

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