17 Incredible Photos Of Abandoned Movie Sets

Iconic locations from legendary films that have since been abandoned by the filmmakers.

Certain movie sets have brought audiences some of the most iconic and visually striking enivronments in popular culture. The sandy dunes of Tatooine, the drizzling, neon-lit streets of Blade Runner, and the rolling green hills of Hobbiton are all unforgettable sights that feel like real places. While many of these sets will be forever remembered in film history, the props and buildings that seemed so real on celluloid just weren't built to last. Even the most famous of sets have fallen to the grind of time, while others have been recycled into tourist attractions. This list takes a look at some incredible photos of legendary film sets that have been long abandoned by the filmmakers. While it can be sad to see such iconic locations in such a state of disrepair, these brilliant photographs stand testament to the imagination of the creative minds behind them.

17. Batman

This impressive Gotham City set for the 1989 Batman film is one of the largest movie sets ever built. Originally located at Pinewood Studios, most of the set was abandoned for a few years before being dismantled and moved over to Los Angeles for Batman Returns.
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