17 Movie Villains Who Completely Ruined Your Childhood

17. Maurice - Little Monsters

This slice of forgettable family fun from the late '80s definitely isn€™t supposed to be scary, but then neither were the Moomins, and they were some of the most terrifying things ever seen on TV. The main monster is a necrotic-faced creature with horns with the kind of flamboyant persona more typically associated with hairdressing stereotypes. Sure, he€™s there to whisk away sixth grader Brian (a young Fred Savage) to a fun-filled monster world with video games, pizza, candy and presumably a diabetes epidemic - but is it really fun? No. His purpose is to keep Brian down there for long enough so he€™ll turn into a monster too, as the suspiciously Pinocchio-like revelation comes that all the monsters were once children. In a surprising, and not quite redeeming revelation, Maurice eventually comes around and tries to save Brian from the big bad monster, oddly called Boy. Ok, so he€™s not strictly a villain, but considering his mission is to befriend the boy whose bed he sleeps beneath - which he€™s happy to enact - is enough to warrant inclusion on this list (and probably a register he has to sign every few months)and his very being was probably ghastly enough to have you begging your dad to seal off the gap beneath your bed with cement.
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