17 WTF Moments From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Every bizarre moment (spoilers) from the biggest movie ever...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally out in the wild, and it's earning rave reviews from critics for bringing the franchise surging back to life when all seemed lost amid a sea of blue-screen filmmaking. It may be hilarious, exciting, and unexpectedly funny throughout, but these are the 17 moments that, above all else, most had us bemused, confused and, for better or for worse, questioning if we actually saw what we think we did. Episode VII is by far the biggest movie release of all time, and it'd be boring it it wasn't at least a little bit weird, right? Whether the weirdness tips the balance in the favour of good or bad, though, will likely be down to personal preference.

17. Max Von Sydow Is Killed In The First Scene

If you were wondering what role legendary actor Max von Sydow would be playing in The Force Awakens, you get your answer pretty early on: a Jakku village elder credited as Lor San Tekka, though never actually named as such in the film. He sadly has only a minuscule role in the movie, running perhaps two minutes in length, where he speaks to Poe Dameron, and one suspects his part may have been cut down via editing or re-writes. He's promptly snuffed out of the film in the opening scene, chatting to Dameron before Kylo Ren, who is in search of a map pointing to Luke Skywalker's location, shows up at the village and executes him in front of the townsfolk.

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