18 Most Insane Film Stunts Ever Performed

16. The Amazing Spider Man - Web Slinging

amazing-spider-man-set-photo-600x338 So, while the debate as to whether Sam Raimi's Spider-Man was better than Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man still rages on, there is one definite improvement that the 2012 reboot had. That of how much fear and terror they struck in the heart of the lead actor. See, in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, all that web slinging was done with CGI, but when Marc Webb stepped in, he decided to do away with all that garbage, and just make a bunch of stuntmen - and occasionally Andrew Garfield himself - learn how to sling like Spider-Man would've actually done. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJWCq3geahM&feature=player_embedded They put in a bunch of lines already hanging, and sent a sequence of people swinging on them, above cars, around the rafters in the overpass, and in one instance swinging in the path of a semi-truck.

15. Bullitt - Car Chase

bullitt If you ever get a chance, rent Bullitt, the 1968 cop movie with Steve McQueen. Then, fast forward through the whole thing until it seems a car chase is about to begin. Press play, and watch the epic 11 minute long chase scene. Then shut the movie off. Its not that the movie's bad, its just that nothing else could possibly match the car chase. Ever. The scene was shot with an apparent disregard to safety, as they destroyed a camera while filming and damaged one car so badly it had to be scrapped. The chase ended when one car - with dummies in it, and out of control - accidentally destroyed a set and sent it up in flames. Fortunately in editing, they were able to make it look like this was intentional. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Lbs_nYW3-o In fact, in the very last shot of the chase, McQueen brings his car to a halt so fast that you can actually see the tie rod bending under the pressure as he slams on the brakes, turns, and slides into a ditch. Yes, it's Steve McQueen driving through most of the scene.
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