All 20 Super Bowl Trailers And Movie-Related Ads Released

The big shots in the big game slots.

The Super Bowl seems to be the best place to sell movies, cars, insurance and movies about people in cars who are really going to need their insurance. The hot trailers for the night included Fast And Furious 7, which meets that above definition almost flawlessly; Terminator: Genisys, which wasn't far off; and Jurassic World, which also counts if you can call those ball things 'cars' and dinosaur attack won't be dismissed as an 'act of god.' Here are all of the movie trailers that aired during the 49th Super Bowl tonight, as well as several ads that aren't for movies, but have movie connections. Which, in all but one case, means a movie star or well-known actor, whether that's Lindsay Lohan, Mindy Kaling or Bryan Cranston, who got a nice chance to Break Bad once again. As far as I'm concerned, and a survey of Twitter says that there are many people who will back me up, the trailers and ads are the best thing about the Super Bowl. Which is why I've gotten away without even having the game on, just watching all of these ads afterwards on YouTube like everyone else. Thank you, internet.

20. Jurassic World This long awaited return to Isla Nublar comes from Colin Trevorrow, a lifelong fan of the series and the director of Safety Not Guaranteed. It will be Chris Pratt who sells the tickets, though. Well, Chris Pratt and the dinosaurs.

19. Inside Out Last year was the first without a Pixar movie since 2005. On the upside, that means we'll get two this year, starting with Inside Out, which reaches the US in June and UK in July. It's based on a sort of Numbskulls, sort of Herman's Head premise, with the lead characters being the emotions inside a young girl, but director Pete Docter has promised that we'll be going in some unexpected directions.

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