20 "Twin" Films That Were In Competition With Each Other

Some things work better in twos...

Buena Vista

In one of the more memorable running jokes in Judd Apatow's Knocked Up, Seth Rogen and his stoner friends have a great idea for a website: Fleshofthestars.com will let users know exactly when and in what film actresses have appeared nude. There's just one problem: Mr. Skin already existed, much to Rogen's chagrin.

Roommate Jay Baruchel tries to cheer him up, claiming that in past instances of similarly-themed restaurants, websites and even films have happily co-existed. Alas, it's all for naught, and the dream of a cash cow website was dead on arrival.

It is a fact, though, that over the years films have sparked imitators, wannabes and accidental plagiarism. Most of these can be written off as mockbusters - cynically titled OnDemand direct and Redbox releases hoping to prey on the unassuming or ill-informed shopper (Snakes on a Train, Sharknado and most late-period Roger Corman works fall into this category). On other occasions, the stakes are a little higher.

This phenomenon has been a burden for major studios during Blockbuster summer releases, each one competing to outdo the other. For every Turner and Hooch, there's a K-9. For every Die Hard, there's a Toy Soldiers. So which ones actually won their respective bouts? That can depend on numerous factors including but not limited to budget, release date, cast, script and just how many variations on the same theme audiences were willing to tolerate.


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