20 Actors That Crazily Turned Down Legendary Roles

19. Tom Selleck - Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones Series)

Should he have accepted it, this legendary role really could have catapulted Tom Selleck from the modest stardom of Television, to the dizzy heights of being a big time movie star. For one reason or another Selleck, despite being a very talented actor, has never quite made it in the film arena. His performances on famed shows such as Magnum PI and Friends have recieved widespread critical praise, however for the most part, these performances have not transpired onto the big screen. But in 1982, Selleck's TV heroics finally caught the eye of a certain Steven Spielberg, who thought that he'd be perfect as the celebrated adventurer Indiana Jones. However, this was not the fairytale breakthrough that Selleck had visualized. Cruelly, when the role was offered to Selleck, he was occupied with commitments to Magnum PI, which unfortunately left him with no other alternative, but to turn down this once in a lifetime opportunity. Instead of course, the illustrious role went to Harrison Ford, a role which ended up distinguishing his film career, and for Selleck, who has been left to curse his bad luck for 20 years, will always be remembered as the virtuouso T.V Hero.
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