20 Actors That Were Almost Cast In The Lord Of The Rings

6. Alison Doody - Eowyn

Still best known for playing Elsa Schneider in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Alison Doody took a decade-long break from acting starting in 1994, but almost ended her self-imposed exile from the screen when Peter Jackson came calling with the role of Eowyn in The Lord Of The Rings. The director personally offered her the part, but the actress declined due to being pregnant, and couldn't commit to spending 18 months on location in New Zealand with a newborn baby and a family based in Ireland. Instead, the role went to Miranda Otto and Doody made a low-key return to the screen in 2004 alongside Patrick Swayze in a made-for-television adaptation of King Solomon's Mines, just months after The Return Of The King cleaned up at the Academy Awards.

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