20 Actors Who Starred In 2 Movie Trilogies (Or More)

Call them The Dependables...


In the great gamble that is film-making, you've got to go with dependable money guarantees where you can. That's why we keep getting Transformers movies, despite them being terrible. And it's why big franchises go after the biggest acting names.

Capturing the right blend of magic to make a lucrative film franchise is one thing, but what about those actors who somehow manage to do it more than once? Only the most successful (and financially dependable) stars can ever hope to make more than one trilogy, so it should come as no surprise that the names of that exalted few are (mostly) so familiar.

If you're looking to make a hit, these are the names you need to get to your casting director. To qualify, of course, they have to have been in the first THREE of a series, so no Vin Diesel, unfortunately. No matter how many Fast & Furious movies he ends up making...

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