20 Amazing South Korean Movies You Must See Before You Die

Been taken over by Parasite? Now catch these as well.

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Bong Joon-ho's satirical thriller Parasite is suddenly the film burrowing itself into everyone's brains having upset the odds to take home the Best Picture Oscar, the first entirely foreign language film to do so.

The latest film from the Snowpiercer director has already made over $100 million outside its home country and that's before the inevitable boost that its Oscar win will give it, bringing both Bong and the films of his native South Korea to a whole new audience.

Which is great because Parasite's Oscar is merely the culmination of something of a Golden Age of film in the country, ever since the emergence of the so-called New Korean Cinema at the dawn of the new Millennium, bringing a series of bold and energetic twists on classic film genres.

But where to start if you're coming freshly to Korean film? What are the classics from the Land of Morning Calm that you need to see?

Don't know your Housemaid from your Handmaiden? Or your Sassy Girl from your Beautiful Girl? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are twenty more great Korean films to watch if you've just discovered Parasite.


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