20 Best Easter Eggs In 2016 Movies

Mind = blown.

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One of the great joys of being a film fan is hunting for Easter eggs, be it secret cameos, visual nods to previous entries into a franchise or simply clever sight gags you'll need incredible eyesight to catch on first viewing.

Whenever a major Hollywood movie hits screens, the Internet sleuths are out in droves seeking out those hidden references, and sometimes with the help of the filmmakers themselves, every morsel of mystery quickly gets uncovered.

These 20 Easter eggs, however, represented the trickiest, the funniest and simply the most awesome secrets that movies had to offer this past year. You might've caught a few of them, but if you're honest, you probably missed the vast majority.

Get your Netflix account and Blu-ray collection ready to see the results for yourself. Here are the 20 best Easter eggs from 2016's movies...

20. Timon & Pumbaa Cameo - The Jungle Book

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Batman V Superman Robin

Jon Favreau's marvelous live-action adaptation of the beloved Disney animation features a ton of brilliant Easter eggs, though unarguably the most fan-pleasing is a quick cameo from The Lion King's beloved meerkat and warthog duo, Timon and Pumbaa.

Near the end of the movie, as all of the animals are gathering at the water hole ahead of Shere Khan's (Idris Elba) appearance, a warthog and meerkat are not-so-coincidentally stood next to one another, and the camera lingers on them for an unnecessary amount of time.

It's a great Easter egg because the intent is obvious yet it doesn't get too blatant with the fan service, as these animals could easily just be a random warthog and meerkat (but they're totally not).


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