20 Best Easter Eggs In 2016 Movies

5. "Dixar" - Sausage Party

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Deformed sausage Barry (Michael Cera) attempts to find a way to return to Shopwell's and help out his fellow groceries, hitching a ride in the car of a stoner (James Franco).

As the car speeds away, the stoner's bumper sticker that reads, "Dixar", clearly referencing the iconic animation house.

It's of course incredibly relevant given that Sausage Party is basically an R-rated, feature-lengthy parody of Toy Story, with numerous plot points and themes reflecting it to a high degree.

As for what Pixar thinks of their name being mutated in such a crude form, we'll have to wait and see, but considering the car's license plate reads "A113" (a nod to the classroom John Lasseter and Brad Bird learned their craft in), it's clearly affectionate.


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