20 Best Film Directors Of The Decade (So Far)

19. Darren Aronofsky

Best Directors
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2010s Films: Black Swan, Noah

Upcoming Projects: Day 6

Darren Aronofsky hasn't been as prolific this decade as he was in the last, but what he has produced has still been some of the best cinema around, showing an adventurous creativity and a strong understanding of tone and intent. It's not been as well received as it perhaps should, but there's enough weight to the films that means they should be rediscovered down the line.

Black Swan was The Wrestler for ballet, a disturbing psychological exploration that meta-adapted Swan Like. Noah was where he really proved himself. A highly underrated film that was hurt in the public eye by the "biblical epic" connotations, it was really a thoughtful take on the well-worn tale we all remember from school that hit all the iconic points, but otherwise grounded it in a brutal, almost high-fantasy world.

His next film, tentatively titled Day 6, should make much more of an impact - it stars Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem.


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