20 Best Horror Movies Since 2000

19. VHS 2

28 Days Later 1024x576
Magnet Releasing

If anthology movies have a habit of being disappointing on the whole, the same can be said for the found footage genre - it's a style of horror which has seen a slew of mediocre at best movies ever since the release of The Blair Witch Project way back in 1999.

VHS 2 proves that the found footage genre can be combined with the anthology format to great effect, utilising the handheld camera concept in a variety of unique ways to deliver some seriously effective horror thrills. There are four segments to VHS 2, opening with Adam "The Guest" Wingard's bionic eye surgery gone wrong shocker and concluding with an alien invasion tale viewed from the perspective of a camera attached to the family pet.

Each segment works well, but it's the Gareth Evans-directed mid segment, Safe Haven, which really stands out. Focusing on a documentary crew investigating a weird cult, this devolves into one of the most batsh*t crazy horror shorts of all time, with Evans throwing more horror gore and insanity at the audience in the last ten minutes than most films can muster up throughout their full run time.


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