20 Best Looking Movies Since 2000

The most jaw-dropping visuals of the 21st century.

Paramount Vantage

The 21st century might be relatively young but already movie fans have seen the industry embrace a number of innovations which have changed the way we look at movies, giving filmmakers an increasing range of tools with which to present their visions.

Not all of these innovations are entirely welcome. The resurgence of 3D in the wake of Avatar has caused as many headaches as dropped jaws, while the introduction of digital cameras has produced wildly varying results as cinematographers get to grips with the new technology.

IMAX has also made a welcome resurgence to mainstream filmmaking. Formerly the reserve of IMAX showpiece documentaries exploring the Amazon and the pyramids of ancient Egypt, now it's a standard format for most of the major tentpole blockbuster releases, expanding the canvas in ways previously unheard of.

These innovations have resulted in some of the best looking movies of all time, but at the same time some visual masterpieces of the current millennia prove that good old film stock can still deliver the goods when it comes to beautiful movie imagery.


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