20 Best Movie Performances Of 2018

The most stunning feats of acting in 2018.

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Season's greetings to all! With 2018 imminently coming to an end, there's no better time to look back over the last 12 months of movies and pick out the very best performances of the year.

Awards season is very much in full swing, but as any film buff knows, the Academy has a fairly narrow and specific idea of what defines an "Oscar-worthy" performance, snubbing excellent acting work year-in and year-out.

But free of the insanity of the awards circus, these are the 20 performances which, on purely their own merits, are the strongest and most impressive of 2018.

From a legendary actress delivering a performance likely to finally win her that overdue Oscar, to devastating acting from complete unknowns, a work of performance-capture for the ages and everything in-between, these are the turns you absolutely cannot afford to miss.

From superhero movies to the most low-key "art-house" projects, these performances should've commanded everyone's attention in 2018, regardless of whether they end up with a pile of gold statues or not...

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