20 Brilliant Mind-F*ck Movies

Prepare to have your mind blown...

If you€™re looking for a movie to push your mental capacity for the unfathomable to its limits, you€™ve come to the right place. It€™s time to stand to attention and salute the best mind-f*ck movies in existence.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from mind-bending indie treasures to massive blockbusting summer tent-poles. Sometimes they will lure you in with seeming normality before plunging you into a bottomless pit of oddness. On other occasions, they start weird and somehow unravel into even stranger dimensions.

In a handful of rare cases, these oddities come with an explanation €“ a way for us to get our ahead around them if we€™re willing to buy into the underlying theories. Most of the time, though, your mind is irredeemably messed with and there€™s no way to claw back any understanding of the movie.

And that€™s why we love them €“ the thrill of leaving the cinema with more questions than answers. What does all of it mean? Is there a message, or is someone just pulling my leg? And where the hell did I park...?


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