20 Brilliantly Obscure DC Movie Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice

J Kerr

Following on from our comprehensive look at the 20 Most Obscure Marvel Movie Easter Eggs, attention must now turn to the other side of the divide. Just as Marvel packed their films with a raft of Easter Eggs and comic book movie in-jokes, DC's stable of movies includes self-referential nods and winks designed to delight the most ardent and observant of fans. Some are obvious - like the J Kerr hint at the end of Batman Begins - and some far less so, and it is the latter that will come into focus here. The Eggs in question are the most rewarding to find - and are sometimes unnoticeable for all but the most knowledgeable comic book fans - and deserved to be saluted for their fiendish cleverness. Incidentally, no matter how insistent they might be, never let a conspiracy theorist convince you that they have spotted a subliminal message in a movie poster that points to the Illuminati, because they might try and convert you with super-imposed triangles and the ridiculous claim that every eye ever is an allusion to The Eye Of Horus... Triangles The majority of humans have two eyes: so, does that mean we're all emblazoned with similar subliminal messages? Not every Easter Egg is real either. For instance, supposedly eagle-eyed Superman Returns fans spotted a couple of messages hidden in the Scrabble board at the outset of the movie, with both "Zod" and the slightly over-reaching "Alienation" both apparently included... Scrabble Except, that says "Zoo," doesn't it. So, onward to the actual Easter Eggs...

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