20 Depraved Movies Only Truly Sick Individuals Could Enjoy

The sickest, vilest, most gruesome work ever committed to celluloid.

Headless Movie
Forbidden Films

The appeal of recent movies like Furious 7 and Jurassic World is rather obvious. Is there ever a time when it’s not okay to turn your brain off and bask in nail-biting action, heroics, and costly special effects? Big-budget blockbusters will never grow old, since the range of audiences partial to those kinds of films is all-encompassing.

However, there are other films out there that only appeal to the most depraved of individuals, or at least those that like to dip their toe into the depravity pool from time to time. These are films that are so deviant, so morally corrupt that the average film-goer wouldn’t last five minutes. These are the most debauched attempts to throttle those seeking to be treated like a James Bond martini - shaken, not stirred. And that's the topic at hand today.

These films and their stories range from a psychopath who likes to have sex with severed heads to several instances of infants getting mishandled and killed in brutal detail - and all are safe bets to challenge even the strongest of stomachs.

Be warned, some descriptions for the films contain spoilers for purpose of emphasis, and are definitely not for the faint of heart. Proceed with caution... you sickos.  

20. House On The Edge Of The Park (1980)

Headless Movie
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House On The Edge Of The Park will likely always be known as “that other movie” for more reasons than one. For director Ruggero Deodato, it was the immediate follow-up to his unquestionable masterpiece, Cannibal Holocaust, a film that remains the Italian sleaze-maestro’s legacy. 

Likewise, David Hess’s defining role came eight years earlier in Wes Craven’s Last House On The Left, where he played slime ball antagonist Krug. The paths of each cult figure crossed when Deodato decided to finally cash in on the “house movie” craze nearly a decade later, and the result was perfunctory for both men.

Ruggero immediately sets out his stall with the film’s opening sequence, during which the psychotic Alex (Hess) cuts off a young woman’s car before entering the vehicle and strangling her unconscious as he rapes her. Later, back at the garage where he works, Alex and his mentally-challenged friend Ricky (Giovanni Lombardo Radice) are getting ready to "boogie" after a young couple invites them to a party. Once there, things go left when Alex decides to amuse himself by tormenting the guests.

Any technical faults this unrelenting movie has will soon be wiped from your memory, but the underlining feeling of gut-wrenching savagery will remain for many nightmares to come.  


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