20 Easter Eggs In Spider-Man Films You Didn't Notice

6. Newspaper Reads "Doc Ock Still At Large" (Spider-Man 3)

Spider-Man 2 concludes with a magnificent set-piece in which Doctor Octopus finally manages to gain control of his tentacles, drowning himself along with the fusion reactor in the Hudson River. However, during a scene set at the Daily Bugle in Spider-Man 3, there's a newspaper front page mounted on J. Jonah Jameson's wall which reads "Doc Ock still at large", accompanied by the tagline, "Police expand manhunt." At the time of Spider-Man 3's release, many took this as a hint that, somehow, perhaps Doc Ock had survived his cataclysmic fate at the end of the movie. The more likely reality is that it's just a smart way to reference the events of the previous movie and keep them in our mind, as well as the fact that only Spidey and MJ are truly aware that he's dead: to the authorities, he's still missing and/or at large. Plus, it reinforces how unscrupulous Jameson is, clinging desperately to the Doc Ock story to sell more newspapers. It's still a fun easter egg whatever the explanation, though.

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