20 Ghostbusters Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

Are you ready to believe us?

The Ghostbusters films are bonafide, inarguable classics. Regardless of what your opinion is on the future of the franchise, the first two movies stand on their own as giants of cinema which operate on multiple levels: they're great comedies, but they work just as well as sci-fi action films, and actually manage to be kinda scary at times too. That's thanks to the sheer amount of work put into the films by everyone involved. The scripts are multi-layered and feature a lot of obscure references and research, the production design is genius, and Ivan Reitman doesn't get nearly enough credit for some of his more interesting directing choices. Wait, Ghostbusters? Really? Yep, it doesn't get written about often enough, but the Ghostbusters films are pretty dense with Easter eggs, trivia, and little hidden moments you might not have caught even on dozens of play throughs. From the origins of the bad guys to Dan Aykroyd's genuine pursuit of the paranormal, from breaking the law to running up a hefty phone bill, here are twenty Easter eggs you didn't notice in the Ghostbusters films.

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