20 Ghostbusters Merchandise You Didn't Know Existed

We came, we saw, we bought a lot of stuff.

If there's something strange in your neighborhood... it's probably another item of Ghostbusters merchandise, because there's been an awful lot of it over the last 30 years. In the 80s Ghostbusters was hugely popular among all ages, and it is still today (just look at the reaction to the impending remake), so obviously this means merchandise and cash-ins galore, such as action figures, costumes, Lego and soundtracks. You know what we're talking about - you probably have half of the stuff out there.

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you probably watched the Real Ghostbusters cartoon and had the action figures, played with the replica equipment and even took the lunchboxes to school. Don't deny it, we all sang along with the Ray Parker Jr soundtrack. Heck, you're probably doing it right now.

There are literally hundreds of varied Ghostbusters items that have been released, most are officially licensed and some are... well, to be nice... obviously not, but they're all amazing in their own Ghostbusters way. Wear your Ghostbusters t-shirt and underpants with pride, dear reader, you're in the right place. Strap on your replica proton packs and remember to not cross the streams as we're about to delve into some of the most obscure and ghoulish Ghostbusters merchandise around.

Credit to Proton Charing, gbfans and the Ghostbuster Wiki fan sites for the help and images, which should be a must visit for every Ghost Head.

20. Fruit Snacks

Nothing says spooky like a snack packet of fruit, does it?

Still, if you took these to school with you, you'd instantly be the Pete Venkman of the playground and your friends would be green with envy.

Ghostbusters: busting ghosts and obesity since 1984.

19. Cereal

Back in the day everything popular had its own cereal, so obviously Ghostbusters was no exception.

They were kind of like Lucky Charms, with little Slimer marshmallows that would make your teeth feel like they were going to die and your gut scream like a ghoul.

But the holograms on the boxes were totally worth the dental costs.

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