20 Greatest Final Shots In Movies Ever

Perfect endings.

The Dark Knight Ending
Warner Bros.

What would any movie be without its final shot? Incomplete, that's what. But seriously, a memorable, impactful final image can make sure a movie resonates even deeper with audiences, enduring in their brain even many years after they last watched it.

Whether visually stunning, thematically provocative, endlessly enigmatic or straight-up shocking, these 20 final shots represent the very best that cinema has ever offered up. They are note-perfect examples of how to leave audiences elated, shocked and just generally blown away.

Opinions are sure to vary on what's truly the best, of course - after all, there are so many mesmerising final images to choose from - but these are the 20 that have surely most penetrated the cultural consciousness and so decisively elevated the rest of their movie.

From final glimpses of unstoppable heroism to abject horror and every torturous ambiguity in-between, once you've seen these movies, you'll never be able to get that last shot out of your head...


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